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Why Nadi Astrology/Jyotish?

Nadi Astrology prediction Results of Planets in various Houses – The planets not only influence your characteristics by being in a sign, but also shape your personality by being present in a particular house at a particular time.

Nadi Astrology Prediction Results of birth in various Nakshatras – you must have heard the term ‘’Nakshatra’’ at some point in your life. Did you know that there are altogether 28 Nakshatras and your birth in a particular Nakshatra defines your physical features, character, general life, education, marriage and career aspects?

Nadi Astrology Prediction Results of birth in Various Lagnas – Lagna or the sign ascending at birth also plays a major role in defining the physical traits, ailments and characteristics. One should know what happens when any one out of the twelve signs is the Langa or the rising sign. So, get hold of your horoscope and contact us.

Nadi Astrology Prediction Dasha Interpretation – Planets keep changing their position in a person’s lifetimeand result in a particular Dasha. Each individual planet controls a single Dasha. One should know the general and specific effects of a particular Dasha and interpret the consequences.

There are various nadis, palm leaf inscriptions available in Nadi Jyotish like Atri nadi, Jeeva nadi, Graha nadi, Siva nadi, Duruva nadi, Edumbi nadi, Saptarishi nadi, Nandhi nadi, Bheema nadi, Nava nadi, Vashista nadi, Agasthiya nadi, Shukha nadi, Brahma nadi, Kaushika nadi etc., Here we have the following nadies are… Atri nadi, Jeeva nadi, Graha nadi, Siva nadi, Agasthiya nadi, Kaushika nadi, Vashista nadi. We provide Nadi Jyotish reading services fom our website through online live video chat for your convenience from india.

Sages, Siththa's (persons who have acquired the eight great mystic powers) Sages, Yogi's (Devotees of Yoga) survive by practicing this art (Sulimunaikalai) acquire special power through spiritual knowledge about the past, present and future periods. With sulimunai Nadi as the basis, its seven other sub-divisions (sub-divisions of sulimunai) can be practiced separately at different percentage levels. The sulimunaikalai and its sub-divisions enable Sages to understand through their spiritual power, the results the good and bad deeds yield (of the past lives) to the souls who come in search of them (Sages). Then, with the aid of the man kalai (Sulimunai) and other sub-divisions of the same kalai, which go a long way in making the Sages, attain spiritual knowledge and enable them to offer splendid explanations to the world.

The results are accurately explained to the minutest detail to souls who seek the help of the Sages. The sabtha (Seven) Nadi kalai (sub-divisions of Sulimunaikalai) are Aththi, Alambudai, Gaandhari, Sangini, Singuvai, Purudan and Guru. With the secret images of the sabtha Nadigal as the basis of support, the spiritual knowledge of the good and bad deeds (of the past births) are compared with the minute secrets of the nine planets and finally clear explanations are offered to the world. Therefore this kind of astrological advice is known as Nadi Jyotish.

We invite you to experience one of the few remaining ancient mysteries of the world. Imagine someone born thousands of years ago promising to change your current destiny, right now from Nadi Jyotish (Naadi Jyotish), so that you can begin to attract more of the wonderful things you had always wanted to experience. How magical it would be to witness a whole new life unfolding before you!

It's not merely a coincidence, rather a rare blessing that you are reading this. No one can even come to know about Nadi Jyotish (Naadi Jyotish) and seek out their Nadi leaf unless drawn by divine forces to reunite with their unique leaf; this is revealed by the Nadi itself. Quite extraordinary! To prepare to discover a new destiny, you are invited to search for your Nadi leaf today and perform the simple remedies indicated. Seek now and you shall find your future.

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