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Nadi Astrology: History

Astrology is differently followed in different areas of the world. The importance of Nadi Astrology followed in Tamil Nadu is that it is pretty sure to give accurate prediction. It is believed that unless Lord Siva wills no one can come to Nadi Astrology to know the prediction. Among all, 'Nadi Shastra' gives the most accurate results. Why? Because it is predefined and pre-documented in manu script by the Rishis as utterances of Lord Shiva himself.

As the Lord Shiva has pre-determined the course of your life, so it will be and you may be chosen to know about the occurrences before they happen. Nadi Astrology, like other predictive sciences, runs on the judgment that the fate of every human mortal is predestined. Nadi also prescribes penances and remedies based on one's past deeds or karmas. However, the unique and fascinating belief is that only a person who has been destined to know his fate will approach the Nadi reader at a 'predestined age' and at a 'predestined' time makes it different from other mysterious sciences.

The Great sages of ancient India aided by their spiritual powers and foresight of time and space have discovered with religion, temple construction and many sciences like Herbal Medicine, philosophy, Astronomy, Astrology and Nadi Astrology for the benefit of mankind.The Nadi-Shastra | Nadi Astrology predictions were written by seven sages. Atri, Bhrigu, Angira, Gautama, Kashyapa, Vashishta, Agastya. Apart from them as per the guru's advice they are also written by the yogic's power. The accuracy of Nadi Astrology is very impressive.

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