Why Homam

Homams are performed for a particular deity by involving Agni, the God of Fire. Homas are derived from Vedas. Vedas contains the supreme form of knowledge. The singular goal of Vedas is to guide man through the evolutionary path. Homas form the essence of all the karmas prescribed in the Vedas. One of the most effective and scientific approaches to remove the pain and suffering, due to our past sins.

Homam or haven or Yagna is an ancient Vedic ritual (holy fire), its generally means 'To Sacrifice', it is performed to please the Almighty God, Homam is the strongest remedy, Vedic priests invoke Agni to lighting fire, making offerings to the deity and chant Vedic mantras in a very specific counting method of your problem eliminating.As long as the priests chant the mantras, it is recited again and with each mantra recital Ghee is poured into the fire (Homa kunda). The fire also must be running all the time lit by woods.

In these process lot of elements as Pure Ghee, special kind of herbals (plant of which parts are used for medicine, food or scent), rice, quality foods, flowers, camphor, milk, sweets, fruits, vegetables, leaves, garments, gem stones, and other costly things and different types of herbal things etc., Lord Brahma is the creator of the world and the Sun God is His son. The Sun is the main source of energy and fire represents Sun. Homa Pooja establishes a relationship between the worshiper and the deity. Hence ending the Pooja with offering to fire is considered very auspicious and enhances the beneficial effects of the pooja. A Homam most of the times has a very strong influence on the life of the native than any other remedies.

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